BOOK REVIEW #1: THE BAREFOOT INVESTOR (what I agree with and what I don’t)

Scott Pape The Barefoot Investor

I thought it would be a good way for me to recap books and knowledge I have come across to share with you, and hopefully make it stick more for me to apply too. I will take the parts of the book that really resonated with me and explain how I am applying them into my life. I will also touch on the areas of the book I am not so sure about.

I had read The Barefoot Investor a few years ago and have since bought it for a few people that I care about, hoping they use the guidelines to help them in their financial journey. I am excited to say that my husband has been listening to the audio version these last few weeks, and it has been great to hear his comments and take-aways. He doesn’t do much on our finances, but this book helps him understand the effort and passion I have been tasking myself with for a long time. It also helped me, getting a recap of the book with fresh ears!

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Networth Quarterly Update -December 2020

networth December 2020

This is my second review on our NetWorth since starting this blog. I was looking forward to reviewing our finances, just like I would do this type of activity regularly for work. We had just short of a 1% growth in 3 months ($39k)! I am pretty happy with that. We are still heavy in property (72%) with only 26% in shares. The ‘2021 and beyond’ goal is to push the 26% up a few percentages each quarter over the next 5-8 years.

A lot has changed since my first NetWorth post. In particular, our strategy for our superannuation retirement fund. We have sold the property that was the main investment within our SMSF/ super fund (more details on my SOLD post). Our super fund should start moving on a quarterly timeframe, as it will be transferred into some form of shares/investment fund. This will be decided in the early new year. Stay tuned for that post!

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