Finance 4 U_Step 1

I am excited to share this with YOU and I hope that you join me on this journey. Whether you have your budget/expenses/finances already handled, or you just cruise through each week and each month, OR even if you have your head in the sand …😊 I would love to help guide you through with some good old fashion foundations and then get into the FUN stuff… you may not think it can be fun, but trust me when I say this, when you have a plan and you are ticking off achievements and there are fewer surprises/expenses coming your way, you will feel at peace. And even occasionally have a little happy dance! 😊

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Finance for You Series

I am excited … this has been a goal of mine for so long and I am thrilled to finally get this out of my head and down on paper/virtual paper!

My intention with this series is simple. Work through the basics of your finances and then, when the foundations are under control, start building wealth for your life and your family. Some of what I will share is simple and perhaps a little ‘old school’. Some ideas will relate to food (more on that later) AND I know that there are perhaps more efficient ways to do this, but to get to know your finances, I believe you need to become really intimate with them …

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Review budget vs actual

In order to make our investment goals and hit the targets we have set for retirement (see last week’s post about our Financial Planner and Retirement plan here), we need to hone in on our expenses AND review regularly because hubby’s work is still not back to full time. He has had no superannuation for nearly a year and his wage is at around 70% of normal wage.

This reduction has meant we have eaten into our emergency fund a little (about 15%) so need to keep ‘massaging’ day to day expenses to keep our eye on our medium to long term goals.

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