first year of my blog

On the 19th of October 2020, I published my first Instagram post about myself and linked it to my blog page. I was ecstatic.

I had a wish for years that I wanted to document my finance journey and have a central place to publish all my learnings and thoughts. I had so many notebooks and post-it notes that I wanted a place for it all. A few times I tried to create a blog page and it just didn’t look right. Not pretty enough. THEN I found the FIRE community, mainly on Instagram, and I loved the energy and posts that were being loaded. The websites and posts were so inspiring. I had to try.

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Networth Quarterly Update – September 2021

Sept networth

Another 90 days have gone past and life has sent us some curveballs. Lockdown for 3 months, Hubby being on JobKeeper for a while now, finally finding a job (yeh!) but then 10 days later in hospital with fractured ribs and in ICU. It has been overwhelming, to say the least. I find, for myself, the way to shelter my mind is to ‘zoom in’ and keep all of life out. Feeding my family, bare minimum working AND LOTS of reading was my antidote. I logged out of social media and slowly time went by and we are now moving forward.

I wasn’t going to do anything for a while, however, I had promised myself that I would be consistent with my quarterly updates. So here I am updating my numbers and reviewing the quarter that was, financially.

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