2022 – KICKING GOALS – Monthly updates on my personal goals

This post will be updated each month as I update my Monthly goals. I found this to be helpful last year to keep me on track (link to 2021 goals). Too many great ideas or goals are left in the draw, or notebook, as we don’t look back at them and keep ourselves accountable. This is definitely something I have done in the past.

Last year taught me to keep myself accountable, even when I didn’t want to check in with myself. At the end of the year, I was thankful I did.

Below will be each month’s GOAL update in order. Let’s do this!

A goal properly set is halfway reached – Zig Ziglar

February flew by with school and work going back to some sort of ‘normal’. My days of working from home were so peaceful with everyone ‘OUT’ of the house 🙂

First-year of doing #frugalfebruary with @sugarmammatv which was an interesting exercise. The benefits for me were to be really aware of when I spent money and what emotional position I was in at the time. It also made me get moving with reviewing and reducing costs. I spent hours and hours going through 2020, 2021 and Jan 2022 expenses. Literally, line by line to revisit the categories. I have a post coming up to go through all the nitty-gritty. There is a lot of reasons I wanted to go through this exercise. Over the coming weeks, I will be able to articulate this more. A lot has to do with what should be the targeted passive income to sustain our lifestyle and WHEN can I retire and have all the areas of my life supported.

Loving the library for books and have a pile of books from friends to keep me well-stocked for the coming months.

I was slightly under in my target for the retirement fund as we have a few expenses that needed to be paid. We are hopefully, fingers crossed, getting back to a healthy Yearly Expense bucket/sinking fund and an emergency fund. I am thinking by June we should be in a much healthier position so that I can just automatically transfer $2,000 to my Super each month without thinking.

Even though I didn’t post on Instagram or on my website, the interaction with the FIRE community was awesome. So many brilliant and warm people. I can’t thank them enough for lifting me up when I feel lonely IRL with my thoughts around personal finance and mindset. Love you guys!

Well 2022 started with a bang and in bed with COVID. We all got it so the first week was quiet.

Back to work the second week and pretty much stayed around home during the month. Good for the budget. 😀

My eldest’s 18th birthday, so splurged and went to CenterPoint Tower for dinner. Haven’t been there since I was 16 (ummmm like 36 years ago!! lol). It was nice to take them somewhere different as we didn’t have a birthday party like we usually do.

Enjoyed reading time this month. Purely fun books.

Investments are on target which is good for the start of the month. Feel like I am getting my MOJO back and posting again. The posts are so important to my personal motivation and sense of participating in the plans for our future. Of course, the interaction with this #FIRE community ALWAYS gives me energy to ‘just keep swimming’.