$5,000,000, is it my EGO talking?

How much is enough for retirement

I have had a niggling feeling for a few months now that I may be targetting the wrong networth number to reach FI (financial independence and retire by 60). In my early 40’s my dream was to retire by 55. I even had the number 55 written on my wall at work. People use to come in and think it was “55 days to my next holiday” or something similar. I would proudly state that it was when I was retiring. I would get blank stares from people younger and from the older folk, “really?!?!?!”. I even had a TTR (transition to retirement) countdown on my phone. I wanted so badly to retire or have the choice, at 55. I was exhausted from trying to be ‘everything’ to everyone and it beat me down. I just didn’t really know what vehicle or strategy would get us there when our income was not high and we had daycare & primary school kids and the dreaded mortgage!.

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