About Me

Hello and welcome! Money and talking about money seems to be very taboo in our society. 

I want to break away from that and share wholeheartedly.

I am from Sydney Australia and have two teenagers and along with hubby, we have a combined income of $181k (this includes super). Our Networth is currently $2million, with a goal of $5million (including the family home).  Our goals are:

  1. To have a passive income of $120k per annum
  2. Without taking income from the original $5m capital 
  3. Never paying taxes again after retirement 

We aim to achieve Financial Independence by age 60, in 2028. ​I am remaining anonymous for the time being for my immediate family because I am laying out all our household information.   I will be continuously reviewing our current situation. Knowing that we only have a short period left to MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

About me