Latte Fallacy by Vince Scully - Review

I first heard Vince Scully speak on a My Millenial Money podcast and was nodding all the way through. I had to know more about him and so hopped onto Google and went down the rabbit hole for a few hours.

His current creation, LifeSherpa, is an online financial literacy & adviser site, which is excellent and for all ages. So much information to assist at every stage of life and learning. On the Life Sherpa website you can request a ‘discovery session’ and I was lucky to get Vince for the meeting.

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Financial Planner

For GenX (born between 1965 and 1980) it’s important to make the last 10-15 years of your working life COUNT!

“Just 17 per cent of Generation X use an adviser, but they hold 36.2 per cent of Australia’s superannuation assets”.

GenX are a quieter group that needs attention. TRUST is the biggest issue.

Over the years I have interviewed a few financial planners (FP), maybe 6-8. The ones that really resonated with me were the planners who could offer options on their feet and engage with you and your specific needs. Some will freely give you little nuggets of advice and I really liked that. When the whiteboard started getting full with possible scenarios it’s like music to my ears. They get what I am asking for and they have a plan for my needs.

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