Networth Quarterly Update – March 2022

I closed my eyes most of this quarter as the share markets was a dippy ride! I have just kept investing and also working on WHAT should be our passive income and to put that as my focus than the networth of our shares/properties.

I have also been reluctant to post any of my simulations and thoughts since ASIC guidelines/restrictions of talking and sharing personal finances. I am saddened by it as it really does make people, like me, who want to talk all day about finance 🙂 wary of what to post on social media. It also means I don’t get as much information from the community as others are removing wonderful work they had already done and limiting what they put out. I have read through the ASIC paper and even called to get more information. I have even thought of making my website/blog private so at least I keep it up as a diary of my progress. I really do like the community online and how we post progress and thoughts. I have never felt the comradeship anywhere else in life and I will miss it. So for now I will post but no bank, financial, share brands/names. I will try and be vague!

Instead of considering the worst case scenario, try considering the best – Mel Robbins

All the numbers and details outlined below in my quarterly summary are for entertainment purposes only and are in no way financial advice. This is my family’s journey.

Networth summary for march 2022

We are basically in the same position as December 2021. I am still working on the rough numbers for potential passive income (in the below table). This is assuming we keep our home and pay off our PPoR (so rent/mortgage free). The Investment property would still have a loan so would have to use some of the rent to pay off the loan (interest only for a while?).

networth March 2022

Not too much to report other than the update for the moment. Next quarter I am hoping for some big moves in the numbers. Can’t explain yet but if you can pray for me.. OR put some good vibes out there for me.. You are going to love the story when I can share it. Until it works out, it’s too painful to discuss yet. Stay tuned and wish me good things this quarter. Hoping it’s DONE by end of June 2022!