Networth Quarterly Update – March 2021

Time does fly …. 3 months have gone by and we have had some good movement. We have had just over 4% to FI increase ($218k) and 10% increase in networth. Most of the increase in our networth is due to having our properties revalued. I have taken the conservative amount that our real estate agent advised. Sydney property prices have been steadily increasing and we have not changed the value for at least 3 years, so worth bringing up to 2021 prices.

We are still about 75% property and 25% shares. The aim is to keep trying to increase our share percentage (mainly in Super/retirement fund).

I like to also think about my own networth, as I feel very proud of how far I have come from very humble beginnings. If we split 50/50 then I am at $1.17m – wowzas!

Networth Totals Mar21
Networth Table Mar21
Progress to FIRE / FI

For a visual on our progress, I use a @familyfinance_ tool Etsy graph to show our progress to FI. Love the impact the visual gives. This calculation uses the 4% rule and the first graph includes our PPOR (family home). Yearly passive income (this would also need to include rent since we would need to sell our PPOR to fund this)

  • Lean – $100k pa
  • Fire – $130k pa
  • Fat – $180k pa (this is our preference as may need $30-50k for rent)

To keep documenting our progress to FI without our PPOR, the below represents if we keep the family home (or something of similar value). Our FAT FIRE will reduce to $3.25m and we are not as close to FI.

Our PPOR is a large part of our assets ($967k), so working towards moving the other way and becoming more investment/share heavy over the next few years.

Overall I am happy with the movement, even though a lot of it came from revaluing our properties. We have had non-existent super contributions from my husband’s employer (still no super from his employer… that is now 12 months!). Anyway, it’s moving and I am happy with that.