I feel like I really need to lock down our goals and see them in print. So many options and things to think about that I am finding it hard to focus. It is also so hard to focus when you are thinking of so much ‘life’ stuff. Life goes on and the stuff, like your FUTURE YOU wealth and health can suffer as you feel that you don’t have enough capacity in the day to take on the challenge of caring for FUTURE YOU, whilst working through the challenges of the here and now.

My challenge in this week’s post is to formulate and work through the outline of the next 8 years worth of goals for financial independence and my own growth.

“WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN. If they’re not written down, they’re just dreams. When you write things down, it sets off a chain of events that will change your life.

Review and update every 3 months in line with networth calculation.

  1. SELL investment property in our SMSF (self-managed superannuation fund). Liquidate and move to an aggressive fund. Close SMSF.
  2. MAX out on my contributions to superannuation (concessional contributions ie, pre-tax). This will be $15,000 per year for me.
  3. Get EXPENSES to 65% of total income (Currently 72%)
  4. INVEST a total of $50,000 in the year (principal off the home loan, principal off investment house, BONDS and Superannuation).
  5. SEEK understanding and execute the backdating of tax refunds by adding to super via the concessional contributions from 2016 to 2020 tax returns.
  6. READ 3 books a month – 1 x finance related, 1 x fun & 1 x growth/soulful book
  7. COMMIT to writing BLOG posts to build relationships with like-minded people and to keep me focused.
  8. CONTINUE to nurture the kids to gain financial literacy. One will be going for their FIRST big goal with purchasing a car in the near future so great opportunities to learn saving from a casual job and delayed gratification.
  9. TRAVEL will be road trips and camping and at least 3 times.
  1. KEEP doing the above in maxing out super, reading, investing and kids financial literacy.
  2. Get EXPENSES to 60% of total income (Currently 72% in 2020)
  3. DEBT recycling into superannuation as non-concessional contributions. If employment and 2021 go well, we would look at $100-200k using this model and use our home loan.
  4. SEEK understanding and execute the backdating of tax refunds by adding to super via the concessional contributions from 2016 to 2020 tax returns.
  5. TRAVEL will be shorter breaks but plan for 2 x per year

Kids will have completed High School so now would be the time to sell our home (if property sales in our area are strong) and move with minimal disruption.

  1. SELL our family home and rent.
  2. ADD $300,000 as a one-time contribution to Superannuation.
  3. TRAVEL 2 x to Europe and Japan and longer stints.
  1. Expenses should be less now so INCREASE contributions to 50% investing of total income.
  2. CONTINUE to TRAVEL overseas 2 x per year.
  1. PAY off rental property so it forms a part of our passive income.
  2. RETIRE with $4million in overall investment portfolio that will continue to grow to $5m.
  3. REACH a passive income of $150,000 per year from rental and fund portfolio.