On the 19th of October 2020, I published my first Instagram post about myself and linked it to my blog page. I was ecstatic.

I had a wish for years that I wanted to document my finance journey and have a central place to publish all my learnings and thoughts. I had so many notebooks and post-it notes that I wanted a place for it all. A few times I tried to create a blog page and it just didn’t look right. Not pretty enough. THEN I found the FIRE community, mainly on Instagram, and I loved the energy and posts that were being loaded. The websites and posts were so inspiring. I had to try.

I am handy with technology but know myself and being inside my head where I don’t think I am good enough or have something to share! SO I asked a dear friend to help me with the setup, layout and editing of my words to make them flow, and I AM Building Wealth was born. I am so proud of myself and what I have achieved in these 12 months.

I have no idea if these numbers are good, bad or indifferent. To me they are fabulous and I enjoy looking at numbers and statistics so thought I would put some snapshots of the various analytics for this post.

WIX traffic on my blog

My website is currently on WIX. Above is an overview of the site traffic over the last year. Below is a snapshot of some benchmarks compared to sites in my category, as well as the location of website traffic which I found interesting! The power of the internet, seeing all those blue dots all over the world is incredible.

analytics from wix

A snapshot of site sessions and unique visitors on my most popular pages and posts.

analytics from wix on Page Visits

And of course, where it all started … Instagram and the amazing FI Community!

analytics from instagram

analytics from instagram

I am now looking forward o next year. I will be moving my website to WordPress which will be fun (thanks to ebusiness and @captainfi for my new appreciation of building websites and learning different techniques!).

Here’s to Year #2 and continuing to document my financial journey. If all settles down with our income, there will be some aggressive investing going on in our family unit and as usual, I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you, every step of the way.